The Latest Shipment (part 1)

Gothenburg, Sweden- Heading out for another day of carefully wrapping and packing the treasures from Eileen and Bo's latest buying trip I can't help but realize how far removed I am from the hustle and bustle of NYC.  Even in the cold and snow, kids are waddling off to class and elderly women are riding bikes around with groceries in the baskets.  The rocky coastline is covered in snow, and a peaceful quiet permeates the city even in the middle of the day.

View from the front door of the ancestral family home of the Lindstrands

View from the front door of the ancestral family home of the Lindstrands

We pack the container ourselves to cut down on costs, and we maintain our own warehouse storage facility in Gothenburg.  This allows us to pass down value to our customers, and allows us the luxury of being able to patiently wait for higher quality and more desirable inventory.  We only buy what our customers want, and we can take as long as we want to assemble a single shipment.    

Our warehouse yard in Gothenburg, with our container placed for packing.

Our warehouse yard in Gothenburg, with our container placed for packing.

After two weeks, the journey begins.  Customs seals are affixed, and the container is loaded onboard the truck.  Almost a year went into assembling this shipment.  Now it will travel from Gothenburg to Rotterdam via one ship, and be transferred to a larger container ship for passage to New York, stopping at Liverpool and Halifax. 

The journey begins

The journey begins

To be continued...

West Coast Summer

Swedish West Coast summer is in full effect, blue skies, sailboats and plenty of stops for shopping.  My brother and I have found a few good alabasters, some lovely Orrefors pieces and a nice little Secretaire in mahogany.  With this weekend being the celebration of the national day, and high school graduation the streets are jam packed with people all day until the sun goes down around 1030-1100.  Life is good, the shrimp sandwiches are delicious, but be warned, the water is still freezing.   

An Antique Store Enters the 21st Century

Bathed in soft alabaster lighting, seated at a highly buffed art deco desk, and enjoying a strong cup of Swedish coffee the IT staff at Eileen Lane Antiques has connected to the social media world; Facebook is the first mountain, followed by Pinterest, and if the will is strong enough Instagram looms as a challenge.  Stay tuned for exciting changes in the world of Antique Furniture!

Our New Site

Bo, Erik and I are very happy to introduce our new web experience.  We are planning to add purchasing functionality in the future.  For the time being, if you have an inquiry, please call one of us at 212-475-2988

New Website Under Construction

Hello friends, 

  We hope you are surviving this cold and dark time of year.  Bo, Erik and I are busy moving into this new website which we hope will be a wonderful resource for us all in the future.  Our intention is to make our collection easier to look through and a more pleasing user experience.  To that end, please bear with us, we hope to have our catalog of items up and running by the first of February.  If you have any thoughts, inputs, critiques or any other advice we would love to hear it. 

Warmest Regards,