The Spirit of Sweden

Sweden is a densely forested country in which the cold climate and heavy precipitation combine to create deep, enchanting woods.  Hard local timber is abundant and a culture of woodworking has resulted in extremely high quality furniture.  Swedish cabinetmakers have always prided themselves on the superiority of their hardwood construction, which gives their works solidity and strength that is designed from the start to serve their owners over many generations.  Luminous and striking, the thick veneers are hand cut from the same hardwood stands of birch, ash, elm and fir.  This combination of utility and natural beauty is the hand wrought expression of the Swedish soul.

Our History

Our family firm began as a labor of love by Bo and Eileen Lindstrand.  Bo, a mechanical engineer and Eileen, a teacher and fine art appraiser lived and worked in the capitols of Europe and spent their weekends and evenings hunting for the treasures that would turn their residences into a home for their young family.  Road tripping through Austria, France, Belgium and Sweden they developed an eye for the great designs of the 19th and Early 20th Century.  Traveling to regional arts festivals, local flea markets, old barns full of wonders and great estates they collected experiences, languages, friends and of course lots of antiques.

Thus was conceived the idea of a business.  Bringing the beauty and charm of a bygone era of living into the light of day became their full time occupation and indeed their lifelong passion.  The family opened shops in TriBeCa and in SoHo and today are located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side design district.  They are joined by their children, Erik, Chris and Mary in their continuing mission to provide modern households with tasteful complements from the past.

thompson crew.png

Recycle, Restore, Reuse

The best of the past is celebrated in a shop dedicated to keeping our Northern European aesthetic history alive.  Every repair we make is done according to the design intent of the original craftsman.  Wood veneers are sanded clean, shellac is mixed and applied by hand, lights are rewired to code, seats are repaired and re-sprung, hinges are reworked and locks are oiled.

We believe that sustainable consumption is a required element of modern life.  The raw materials for our goods were harvested a century or more ago, small groups of tradespeople were overseen by a master craftsman in the era immediately preceding mass assembly.  This last vestige of the old way is in fact the highest form of green living.  We honor their production and help safeguard our natural world by restoring these products for enjoyment by future generations.